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Travelling to Aylmer Lake has never been so easy.

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Airline flights are scheduled daily from the many airlines flying from the south to Yellowknife such as Air Canada-Jazz, First Air, West Jet and Canadian North. These Yellowknife flights connect to all Major Canadian and many U.S. cities. For more information on flights to and from Yellowknife, please refer to the Yellowknife Airport for flight arrival and departure information.

You MUST arrive a day prior in Yellowknife to your fly out date in order to make your connections to Aylmer Lake Lodge just incase of any flight delays and the float plane leaving to Aylmer Lake Lodge departs early in the morning.

Also, when departing from Aylmer Lake Lodge make sure to arrange to stay an evening in Yellowknife to fly home the next day as the float plane does not depart from Aylmer Lake Lodge until later in the afternoon.


We highly recommend The Explorer Hotel in Yellowknife for your stay connecting to and from your Aylmer Lake Lodge Experience. When booking your hotel make sure to let the friendly staff know you are connecting to Aylmer Lake Lodge and recieve a discounted rate! When you arrive at the Yellowknife Airport, Just look for The Explorer Hotel FREE shuttle service van to The Explorer Hotel. This hotel also offers a shuttle to the float plane base that is provided by The Explorer Hotel.

We also recommend purchasing Travel Insurance for your trip in the event of lay overs or unforseen circumstances.

float planeGetting to the far North has never been this easy. Guests depart their hotel in Yellowknife for Float Plane base.

Normal flight time to Aylmer Lake Lodge is 1 3/4 hrs. The charter lands on Rocknest Bay and you taxi in to our dock right below the lodge.

Lodge guests are served lunch and will head out on the lake after lunch. The return trip drops you at the float plane base and from there you head to your hotel in preparation for your return flight home.

Convenient travel is part of our commitment to your trip – a very important part.



What to bring?
You need only bring your fishing gear, layered clothing, good rain gear and personal items. We have a satellite phone at the lodge. Obtainable items at the lodge include fishing licenses, Spirits (Alcohol), and tackle. Daily Hearty Meals are provided throughout your stay with us.

2017 Dates


June 29 - July 3
July 3 - July 7
July 7 - July 11
July 11 - July 15
July 15 - July 19
July 19 - July 23
July 23 - July 27
July 27 - July 31
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August 4 - August 8
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August 12 - August 16
August 16 - August 20
August 20 - August 24
August 24 - August 28
August 28 - September 1
September 1 - September 5
September 5 - September 9

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September 2- September 6

2018 Dates


July 1 - July 5
July 5 - July 9
July 9 - July 13
July 13 - July 17
July 17 - July 21
July 21 - July 25
July 25 - July 29
July 29 - August 2
August 2 - August 6
August 6 - August 10
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August 14 - August 18
August 18 - August 22
August 22 - August 26
August 26 - August 30
August 31 - September 4
September 4 - September 8
September 8 - September 12

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