Photography Package

Join Dave Brosha in his Landscape Photography Workshop at Aylmer Lake Lodge, NWT



Come join award-winning Canadian creative landscape and wildlife photographer, artist, and educator, Dave Brosha for an action-packed five-day workshop September 2nd to 6th, 2014 in one of Canada's most beautiful northern settings, exploring the world of nature photography through a series of slideshows, talks, demonstrations, and hands-on shooting experiences.

The work shop will be held at

Over the course of the week, Dave will dive into a variety of topics, including compositional tips, the idea of making something out of nothing, exploring your photographic vision, and how to best use light to your advantage in any shooting situation. The group will take advantage of any golden light opportunities, and this will be a shooting-intensive opportunity with the goal of creating amazing images and dramatically improving your skill set as a photographer.

Dave will also dive into all the tools a successful landscape and nature photographer needs: from cameras to a discussion on filters to tripods to various lens choices (and how they impact your images) to the entire post-shoot workflow. This last discussion would cover editing, post-processing, and how to "get your images out there", so that they can be seen and appreciated by others. Essentially, he'll cover the entire "Landscape Photographer Workflow".

"Critically acclaimed....spectacular photos." - The Globe and Mail

Holding a passion for the world and an eye for the beauty it contains, northern commercial, personal, and landscape photographer Dave Brosha is on a continual journey to seek out and capture the beauty of this world – whether it's the beauty of some of most extreme and pristine environments in the world, or the beauty of some of a person's most personal moments. In addition to living throughout northern Canada for much of his life, Dave – along with his beautiful wife and children – have also lived in Asia and have traveled extensively through both the many provinces and territories of their native country and numerous countries abroad.

Dave's personal affiliations and representations include the First Light, Getty Images, National Geographic (stock), and the Canadian Press, for which Dave is a freelance photographer.

Published in numerous media outlets around the globe including CNN, Reader's Digest, the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Sky At Night (BBC), Outdoor Photographer, The Today Show, the Daily Telegraph, Up Here, the CBC, National Geographic, the Vancouver Sun, Above & Beyond, Adventure Kayak, and CTV.

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Based from out of Yellowknife, NWT float plane base.


When you travel to Aylmer Lake Lodge NWT, you will make footprints in one of the most uninhabited regions on earth. It's rich natural beauty, pristine arctic landscape, crystal clear waters, abundant wildlife, and warm friendly faces are all waiting for you to discover and explore and become a part of your life story.
This is the most extreme environment on the planet and yet it is a photographers nirvana.
Situated on Aylmer Lake and Clinton-Colden Lake only a few miles from the arctic circle, is a filming oasis that has been called a life changing experience.
Untapped, untamed barren land tundra for hundreds of miles in all directions; prehistoric looking animals called Muskox feeding all over the tundra; this is a spiritual land that produces World Class Photos.

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