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Established in 2000, Aylmer Lake Lodge has long been recognized as the benchmark for extraordinary Canadian fishing trips. Aylmer Lake Lodge was opened in 2000. Why Aylmer Lake? We had already developed a very successful lodge and could easily have stayed where we were. However, Aylmer Lake was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity simply too special to pass up.


"Canada's finest opportunity to enjoy trophy fishing for the Canadian lake trout and arctic grayling in one setting."

Aylmer Lake area was the last undeveloped Canadian fishery above the treeline, almost 227 air miles NE of Yellowknife. There are no other lodges in this area, no roads, no communities and no commercial fishing. It's a vast stretch of untouched water and wilderness. Our exclusive allocation stretches over 1700 sq. miles. The fishery is truly special - offering Canada's finest opportunity to enjoy trophy fishing for the Canadian lake trout and arctic grayling in one setting. The waters are comfortable and diverse, ranging in size from 6 to over 60 miles long, offering diversified water to fish.

"...the next world record lake trout will be coming from Aylmer Lake."


thebigoneIn 2008, Aylmer Lake boasted a 58 lb Lake trout right out of Rocknest Bay in front of the Lodge. The biologist for the area is certain the next world record lake trout will be coming from Aylmer Lake.

A great fishery is only as good as the outfitter who develops it. Our reputation is founded on 12 years of experience and referrals. Yes, well before we became outfitters, we were guests ourselves, with Canadian trips an annual family tradition. Along with great fishing, we recognized the other important intangibles- warmth, ambiance , first-class equipment, and accommodations - that create a truly memorable trip! It is with all of these intangibles in mind that we picked this fishing lodge.

"...each guest is ensured the personalized attention he or she deserves."

One extremely important intangible is size. Many Canadian lodges hold 40,50, even 60 people. As nice as they may be, it just doesn't make sense to us to fly to a remote camp just to settle in with another horde of people. That's what guests are trying to leave behind. If leaving the dock in the morning resembles rush hour in Chicago, what's the point?
At Aylmer, we have made camp sizes a priority and our philosophy is to keep our camp small. By limiting the main lodge to only 24 guests, each guest is ensured the personalized attention he or she deserves.

This is the story behind Aylmer Lake. An outstanding fishery, run by a family of outfitters with a proven record of providing Canada's finest fishing trips. Quality, quantity, variety in a first-class setting. Dream a little bigger..... And let us turn it into reality.

Getting to the far North has never been this easy. Guests depart their hotel in Yellowknife for Float Plane base.floatplane

Normal flight time to Aylmer Lake Lodge is 1 3/4 hrs. The charter lands on Rocknest Bay and you taxi into our dock right below the lodge.

Lodge guests are served lunch and will head out on the lake after lunch. The return trip drops you at the float plane base and from there you head to your hotel in preparation for your return flight home.

Convenient travel is part of our commitment to your trip – a very important part.

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