Feel at peace on top of the world. Beautiful landscape surrounds you!

 You leave Yellowknife and as your flight levels off you are struck by the tremendous amount of water in relation to the land mass. As the flight continues north you watch the trees become sparser and then non existent and you are now officially above treeline in the NWT. The vast amounts of water are unbelievable no matter where you look all you see is water interspersed with land.


The Scenery is simply stunning outside what you will experience anywhere else you are heading into Tundra and it is a surreal experience to be heading where the number of people can be counted in numbers less than the smaller villages a normal person would visit. You are entering a land that is covered only in small shrubs that are berry producing, grasses, mosses, and lichen. Depending on the time you fly over the Tundra the water can glow like molten gold over a land that holds diamonds in its midst. The eskers are embankments that link both land and water. Eskers formed as a result of the rivers flowing within the glaciers that once covered this vast land. The land around Aylmer Lodge is unique. Two hundred-foot high sand dunes, called eskers, slash across the landscape, some 100 miles or longer.

"You will experience the gift of a remote, pristine nature the complete

lack of the cacophony that heralds civilization."


On the ground or in a boat, you're bound to see Muskox, Caribou, Arctic Wolf, barren ground grizzlies, arctic hare, Ptarmigan, Waterfowl, Sik Siks the arctic ground squirrel, peregrine falcons, and Eagles and more; wandering around as they did centuries ago. It is a strangely silent landscape where your footfalls seem loud and intrusive. The silence rally deafening, the few sounds that come through are the lake lapping against the shore, the occasional song from a bird traveling by, insects buzzing, the wind blowing past a rock. The silence of the Tundra speaks to you in separate sounds that leave a vast silence between the sounds. You will experience the gift of a remote, pristine nature the complete lack of the cacophony that heralds civilization. Then at the end of the day the most spectacular sunsets that spread across the Tundra and put the punctuation mark on a perfect day.

You've never experienced anything like Aylmer Lake Lodge. If you take the leap we promise, once you do, you'll want to make Aylmer Lake a habit.